(Un‽)Refined (Vex‽)Vixen

No respect. Sometimes not even for herself. Nothing but claws and teeth reaching for the only relief to the cravings. Absolute tunnel vision. “Beastly” would be an understatement as even beasts can be tamed. Given the proper time and attention her ferocity would only grow in spite and resentment. The intensity in her stare pulsed throughout her body giving off an aura of sheer will and concise determination.

Her flairing temper always triggered a cold stare and stale air. The atmosphere around her would always become troubled, growing thick and foul with raw carnage and brutality. This was the truth behind her power. However focused her mind, however tense her body, it would pale in comparison to the frightful manner in which she conducted herself. Such behavior always ensured she adventured alone. No one dare lend their blade to her.

No matter,” she thought. She got along just fine without them.

Knowledge and training can only take one so far. There is a certain spirit that allows its wielder to increase their presence and be filled with destruction. One violent in nature and unforgiving in practice. She’s not just strong, and it’s more than adrenaline. She’s a fighter without mercy, a warrior among warriors – your pleas for mercy only strengthen her resolve. She is ruthless. She is dangerous. She is




via Daily Prompt: Savage


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