It’s that time again. Stressed and frustrated because inspiration eludes me. The answer? /‽/Write about how he can’t think of anything to write./‽/ Writing about writer’s block. /‽/Told you./‽/ Trite an extremely overdone /‽/Right up your alley./‽/ but better than not writing at all I believe. /‽/Ehhh, depends./‽/ When all else fails, write about failure. I need to increase my online presence anyway /‽/Not to mention your wardrobe, bank account, physical presence…/‽/ so a throw away post about nothing shouldn’t hurt too much.


/‽/*cracks knuckles*  

Was that a challenge?

It sounded a lot like a challenge.

I’m just going to assume that was a challenge.

Yup, that was definitely a challenge.challenge accepted/‽/

Hopefully I can jumpstart the old imagination machine and come up with something meaningful to say by the end of this post /‽/Spoiler alert: he doesn’t./‽/ and toss in a few artistic .jpg’s and call it a day. Maybe, just maybe I can pull off something meta and turn nothing into something. /‽/Clearly not a physics major, this one./‽/ Can’t help but think that there’s someone or something nagging at me, /‽/Boo./‽/ holding me back, /‽/Guilty./‽/ not wanting me to succeed. /‽/We plead the fifth./‽/ Something very close to me, /‽/Getting warmer./‽/ internal even, /‽/Warmer./‽/ possibly even mental. /‽/Tim Kitzrow: “Hashtag catchphrase.”/‽/

I’m fine with that possibility. I’ve always imagined my life as a constant battle against a shadowy version of myself. /‽/*Selves./‽/ Nothing personifies my life more than the classic struggle against oneself. /‽/**Selves./‽/ Luckily, I know all my /‽/***OUR. I swear, it’s like he can’t even hear us./‽/ special moves, combos and finishers. Too bad defense was never my strong suit, but I suppose that can work in my favor considering the circumstances. /‽/You would think so, but nah./‽/ Who am I kidding? It’ll just end in a double K.O. anyways. /‽/Again, you’d think, but again, incorrect./‽/ Best not to dwell on it too much. More important things to take care of. /‽/See earlier statement concerning bank account./‽/

For now, my only concern is reaching my daily word count and drowning out the negativity. /‽/Surely he’s not referring to m….   !/‽/ Just like that intrepid, little blue fish, I’ll just keep swimming, swimming, swimming till I get where I’m going. Where ever that might be is hard to say, but I like to think it involves a fancy laptop and regular installments of thought-provoking world views (#pitifulprophets coming soon) that promotes dialogue and unity. I’ve certainly digested enough diverse media to see how to blaze my own path. Knowing and doing, however, are two very different beasts – the taming of which requires skill sets not easily acquired. /‽/*gasps* Baka. Trying to drown a disembodied voice? Genius./‽/

Four hundred thirteen. Getting closer. /‽/Measuring success with your words again, huh? Silly human./‽/ Got a few hundred more to go, but it doesn’t look like I’m going to stumble upon something meaningful this time around. Perhaps today’s inspiring art will take shape in the form of music? /‽/Ugh, spare us your amateur dj antics./‽/ Shout out to BigSay Beats #GrindDontStop #DoubleCupMusic. I really need to get to work on those instrumentals he sent me. /‽/Real talk. You don’t get opportunities like that everyday./‽/ Looking forward to our debut project together. Producer with 20 plus years in the business and a budding, creative dj /‽/Who would be farther along if he weren’t so damn lazy/‽/ both hungry for more than mediocrity versus this new age of mumble rappers and rogue hip-hop. I’ll take that matchup any day. Really glad I stuck to my old school roots: lo-fi, jazzy, hip-hop samples from when emcees actually had a message. /‽/Shameless self promotion is shameless./‽/

It’s midday now, so I guess I’ll start wrapping this up and get to my real world errands before traffic gets too stupid. Not quite where I need to be word wise yet, so I’ll post something else later today. /‽/Don’t let him lie to you like that./‽/ I suppose if there’s one take away from these couple of paragraphs it’s that despite how it may seem, no matter their intentions, even your self-proclaimed enemies can help you reach your goals, regardless of how you measure them.
/‽/Exploiting my vexations for your pathetic word countgatsby-toast Well played, human. Well played.


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