There is another definition. One that speaks to the hidden nature of those closest to us. To unintentionally reveal or prove false. To unwittingly reveal one’s true nature through ignorance or sheer stupidity even. Actions with unintended and consequential revelations. Accidental disclosure of information through  miscalculation.

This is the path of the backstabber:  a smiling snake looking for the next ill-gotten reward. Truly a blight on the lives of everyone they meet. This type of betrayal in particular is particularly vexing /‽/Yes?/‽/ as they are unaware they have been exposed adding an air of obnoxiousness to their every move.

A slip of the mask. A peek behind the veil. Chance encounters with boundless implications flood society daily regardless of acknowledgement. Lies and deceit are the oil and grease that keep artificial worlds turning.

So sure that everyone is fooled the liar could never dream that someone could ever pull their stings…

They could not possibly fathom a scenario where their lies are purposefully allowed to continue, recorded for posterity, and put on full display during what should be their moment of triumph. Such tactics exceed their grasp. They cannot imagine this, because such is the nature of thieves and liars. Only concerned with what benefits them in the present moment, thinking ahead and outside their carefully forged fabrications becomes troublesome.

What has yet to come is retribution by their own hand (Proverbs 1: 31-32). The seeds of deceit they have so gleefully and arrogantly sewn will blossom into a most fitting gravesite memento. /‽/U mad bro?/‽/


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