Procrastination. Excuses. Most of them, anyways. Second guessing. Self loathing. Cynical predispositions. Refusal to seize the moment. Sleeping in. Over analyzing //Is that not what this is?//. Not being able to make a decision to save my life so instead I mentally pace back and forth until the decision makes it self. Not posting on soundcloud when I really want to post on soundcloud.

Wishing and not doing.

Talking without being.

Protesting instead of preempting.

Hating not helping.

This is the end of not doing what I know I can, should, and have been gifted to do. The beginning of this end looks to yield more than any ending of my previous beginnings. Each day that we’re allowed to wake is another new beginning, one that most //You included.// do not take full advantage of. Worse still is the refusal to end that which isn’t conducive to beginnings in the first place.

Here’s to my end, may it be the genesis of epic tales currently in the making.


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