Tsk tsk tsk


Three weeks since my first post. Not good. Which is why this bit of text exists. I’ve been stuck in the couple-of-days-to-myself-couple-of-days-spent-helping-others mode lately; plus visiting sick family from out of town (love you Junior, glad your rehab is going well). It’s a lot for a first time entrepreneur like moi to learn how to handle that which cannot be changed or avoided. Needless to say, I’ve been getting schooled lately in the art of “dealing with life.”

It hasn’t been all bad though – getting back in the groove of networking between my various online accounts as well as (surprise) daily writing. I never wanted to be one of those struggling writer types movies always poke fun at, but it seems an inescapable fate. This bit of typing right now will help shake some of the cobwebs loose, but when it comes time to putting in several hours crafting character and plot development I seem so, oh what’s the word…. timid?

Unwilling? Flat out lazy? My money’s on doors number one and three. Every time I get started down a path pretty good, tragedy rears her coyote ugly head an absconds with a precious part of my project (car, custom desktop PC and a terabyte hard drive), so I’ve been weary going too far in any direction less it all be for not.

That, and, you know, the laziness.

But no more! I have a small team together now and we’re getting ready for our town’s Comic Con in September. It’ll be the first major outing for “them” and I couldn’t imagine a better setting. Let’s just “they’re” ready by then.

In conclusion, more consistency on my part, and patience on yours. Doctor’s orders.


P.S. I need some pictures and stuff around this joint, huh? Looking a lil naked round the hind parts.


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